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AnswerThe battle is named after the adjacent Bunker Hill, which was peripherally involved in the battle and was the original objective of both colonial and British troops, but is occasionally referred to as the "Battle of Breed's Hill."

On June 13, the leaders of the colonial forces besieging Boston learned that the British generals were planning to send troops out from the city to occupy the unoccupied hills surrounding the city. In response to this intelligence, 1,200 colonial troops under the command of William Prescott stealthily occupied Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill, constructed an earthen redoubt on Breed's Hill, and built lightly fortified lines across most of the Charlestown Peninsula.

When the British were alerted to the presence of the new position the next day, they mounted an attack against them. After two assaults on the Colonial lines were repulsed with significant British casualties, the British finally captured the positions on the third assault, after the defenders in the redoubt ran out of ammunition. The Colonial forces retreated to Cambridge over Bunker Hill, suffering their most significant losses on Bunker Hill.

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Q: Who led 2200 soldiers in an attack on breed's hill?
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Why did British attack breeds hill?

The British wanted to attack bunker hill because from bunker hill all of Boston could be hit by cannon fire. However because of a mistake they attacked breeds hill thinking it was bunker hill.

What was the hill called where the battle of bunker hill was fought?

the battle of bunker hill was really at breeds hill because in the middle of the night , the soldiers got confused, but when they arrived at breeds hill, they all thought they were at bunker hill.

Who was at bunker hill and who was at breeds hill?

nobody they were at breeds hill in the morning

Why did the British end up capturing Bunker Hill or Breeds Hill?

Breeds hill

Why did colonel Prescott and his men choose to fortify breeds hill ins ted of bunker hill?

Breeds Hill was lower and closer to the harbor.

Who was asleep on that June night in 1775 as Massachusetts soldiers dug in fortifications on Breeds Hill?

who were the people that were asleep on June night in 1775 as Massachusetts soldiers dug in Fortifications?

Location of the Battle of Bunker Hill?

breeds hill=)

Hill overlooking Boston harbor?

Breeds hill

When was the battle of the battle of bunker hill breeds hill?

it was in 111111111111111111111111111111

What state did the Battle of Bunker Hill take place?

The Battle of Bunker Hill was taken place in Boston, Massachusetts on breeds hill

Battle at Bunker Hill take place what hill?

It was taken place on breeds hill

Who was Captain Prescott?

Captain Prescott (William Prescott) was an American colonel in the Revolutionary war who led the Minute Men to Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill in the Battle of Bunker Hill. He is also known as the man who commanded his soldiers, "Do not shoot 'till you see the whites of their eyes".