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The leader of the Creek Indians was William McIntosh and i am sure this is a 100% correct answer

William McIntosh was "A" leader of the Creek the early 1800s. But the question needs more...such as "when" and "where." The Creeks were actually a number of different groups who merged together over time. The core groups were the Muskogees, the Hitchitis, and Alabamas. Each of these has several spellings,so you may find differing names in different sources. Additionally, there were many, many more groups who joined the "Creeks," including Yuchis, Westos, Yemassees, Koasitis, Tuckabatchees, and Shawnees. Seminoles are also "Creeks."

Each town had its own "chief" called a Mico. No one had authority over all of the towns, which numbered over 100. As a matter of fact, no one really had authority over anyone, as Euro-American culture understands that word. During several periods, and under certain circumstances, two or more towns would elect one man to speak for them. This man was called the "Fanni Mico," which loosely translates "Squirrel King."

Among the most famous Fanni Micos was Brims of Coweta who emerged as Fanni Mico around 1717 and spoke for as many as 30 or more towns (by some estimates). He came about as close as any leader to uniting the Creeks as one power. He was the author of the "Coweta Resolution" which declared that the Creeks would remain neutral in the struggle between England, Spain and France for the southeast, and would trade freely with all of them.

Alexander McGillivray became Fanni Mico between 1783 and his death in 1793 for many towns of the Upper Creeks, but faced opposition from the Lower Creeks. This was the time of the "Oconee War" with Georgia. His strength came from refusing to negotiate with Georgia and "Franklin" (Tennessee), but when he signed a treaty with the United States in 1790, many branded him a traitor and stopped following him.

One of McGillivray's leading opponents was William Augustus Bowles who called himself the "Director General of the Creek Nation." He, too, spoke for a number of villages, but fell from power after being arrested by the Spanish.

William McIntosh led the Creeks from the early 1800s until his death in 1825. He led mostly Lower Creeks who were loyal to the United States, negotiating a treaty in 1805 and fighting with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend against other Creek towns. He was executed by a rival and enemy Creek named Menawa in 1825 for betraying the Creek people.

There are many other Creek leaders who are important to history. It is important that we take time to remember them.

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The British to try to beat the Continentals.

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Q: Who led the Creek Indians in the revolutionary war?
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