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Samuel Adams

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Q: Who said a nation of shop keepers are very seldom so disinterested?
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What is a sentence for disinterested?

The Boy Was Disinterested In What The Teacher Said .

When the value of a nation imports exceeds the value of that nations exports the nation is said to have?

When nation's value of imports exceeds the value of its exports, it can be said that the nation has a trade deficit.

How do you use the word disinterested in a sentence?

Disinterested means holding no particular personal interest, other than the primary one. eg: "Being disinterested, the judge could make a fair judgement." In this case, it means that the judge is not biased either because he does not personally know the people being judged, or because he is not bribed. eg: "This interviewer is disinterested." Similarly, if while recruiting people, an interviewer has already decided on someone, possibly through personal relations, but is still taking interviews, he will NOT be disinterested, since he is interested in someone other than who he is interviewing. This would also apply to people who recruit to gain some personal favours, sexual or otherwise. But if when taking views, he views each interviewee as a potential candidate, merely on the basis of his/her qualifications, then the interviewer could be said to be disinterested. *Not to be confused with uninterested, which means the person is not interested, or not inspired to do something.

Tom delay said that a nation without partisanship would be?

Tom DeLay said that a nation without partisanship would be tyranny.

Who said America is a Prozac nation?

I did. My book, Prozac Nation, was published in 1994

What was the new nation the rebels said they were going to create?

bear flag nation

How are Americans a nation of joiners?

Alexis de Tocqueville said we are a "nation of joiners"

Why is the us referred to as the nation of joiners?

Alexis de Tocqueville said we are a "nation of joiners"

When a state or nation has absolute control over its territory it is said to be?

When a state or nation has control over its own territory that state or nation is said to have sovereignty. This type of sovereignty is called internal or territorial sovereignty.

Who said 'One nation - One State' is a product of?

'one nation-one state'is a product of

How do you say our nation in abaluya language?

The English words 'our nation' is said as "eshialo shiefuu" in Abaluhya language.

Who said this''i am the servant of nation''?

Padma sumsher said this