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The Vice President of the United States shares the President's term of office. The President is elected along with the Vice President to serve 4 years.

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Q: Who shares the presidents term of office?
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What presidents time in office called?

A term

How long is the term of office?

For what office? Congressmen, Senators and Presidents all have different terms of office

What are the presidents and vice president's term of office?

It depends on the legislation of the country in question. In the United States their term of office is four years.

What happen to bring his presidency to a end?

Some presidents are elected to two four year terms and leave office at the end of their term in office. Some presidents are elected to one four year term and leave at the end. The other presidents died in office, except Richard Nixon who was forced to resign.

How long does it take to be in office?

The term of office for US presidents is 4 years. I hope that is what you want to know.

How many presidents have won the nobel prize during there term in office?


How many presidents have won the nobel prize during their term in office?


How many years is a one term of office for the presidents cabinet?

4 years

Presidents are prohibited from running for a third term of office by?

The 22nd. A+

Do second term presidents still get inaugurated?

American presidents who are re-elected are required to repeat the oath of office.

Are Democratic presidents the only presidents who are attempted to get assassinated?

No. Reagan, for example, was shot during his term in office, though he wasn't killed.

What are the advantages of a fixes term of office for a US president?

Eliminate presidents from becoming Dictators in this country.