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Calvin Coolidge. His main policy was "do as little as possible." (John) Calvin Coolidge (1872 - 1933), was a former anti-labor governor of Massachusetts. He was elected as Harding's vice-president and became president upon Harding's death in 1923. He was elected in his own right the following year and served until 1929.

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Calvin Coolidge succeeded Warren Harding as president. Coolidge sucked. The reason why we fell into the Great Depression was because he did absolutely nothing to stop the fraud within our economy. He pretty much did nothing.

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Calvin Coolidge was vice-president when Harding died in office and was elected to a term of his own. He pretty much carried on Harding's policies - stay out of European affairs and produce a good climate for business at home.

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Q: Who succeeded harding as president and what were his main policies?
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