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Q: Who succeeded in making a peace agreement in Korea?
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What succeeded in making a peace agreement in Korea.?

Peace has never been made. There has been a standoff for 60 years on the lines set between North and South Korea.

What helped keep peace between the north and the south?

The Korean Armistice Agreement was designed to keep peace between the north and south areas of Korea. This agreement had a slogan of "one people."

Who succeded in making a peace agreement in Korea?

No one has made peace. Technically the war is still on because all that was done was to set boundaries between the two sections. This is one reason we still have troops stationed along the DMZ.

Which Prime minister signed the peace agreement for israel?

That depends which peace agreement your talking about. The peace agreement with Egypt was signed by Menachem Begin. The peace agreement with Jordan was signed by Yitzchak Rabin.

Name of Vietnam peace agreement?

The Vietnam peace agreement is commonly known as the Paris Peace Accords.

An agreement to stop fighting ending the hostilities in Korea on July 27 1953?

The Korean Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27, 1953. It called for a halt of fighting and hostilities until a full peace settlement could be worked out.

What is the content of the peace agreement?

Essential element of agreement

Why was the cease fire agreement in the Korean War signed?

They agreed to be peaceful and stop fighting.

When did South Korea and North Korea did a peace treaty?


How did the united states eventually make peace with germany?

The US made peace with Germany by an agreement. This agreement was the treaty affair.

In July 1994 Israel and who signed a peace agreement?

Jordan and Israel signed a peace agreement on July 25, 1994.

What does the word concord mean?

Concord can refer to agreement, harmony, or a state of peace and cooperation. It can also mean a formal agreement between parties.