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Q: Which president took office in 1969 and believed he could come to a peace agreement with Vietnam?
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How many troops were in Vietnam when President Nixon took office?

When President Nixon took office there was approximately 536,100 American troops in Vietnam. President Nixon immediately started reducing the number of troops in Vietnam.

When a new President takes office what of the following may he or she refuse to honor?

An Executive Agreement Made by the Previous President

When did the president of Vietnam take office?

Nguyễn Minh Triết became the president of Vietnam on 2006 June 27.

What president inherited the Vietnam war when president Johnson left office?

When the south fell, and every last US serviceman departed South Vietnam (what was left of it); President Ford was the President of the United States.

When was the decision to end the Vietnam War made?

When President Nixon took office in 1969.

When was the decision made to end the Vietnam War?

In 1969, when President Nixon took office.

Which US President saw his term in office ruined by the Vietnam War?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Did President Truman's decisions in Vietnam show a change in his policy over time?

President Truman was out of office for a full 3 years before we sent as much as an advisor to Vietnam in 1956. Dwight Eisenhower sent the first Americans to Vietnam.

Did pres ford go to Vietnam?

He may have visited there but he was not a wartime president during the Vietnam war. It was over for the US before he gained the office of the presidency.

When President Nixon took office were there more than 500000 US troops in Vietnam?


The president has the power to make executive agreements?

A President can make an executive agreement at anytime with another foreign "Chief of State" (leader). However, the agreement is only honored as long as the US President who made it, is in office. Once he leaves, the agreement ends.

Who is Trương Tấn Sang?

Trương Tấn Sang is the president of Vietnam. He assumed office on 25 July 2011.