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Q: Who wanted to create a national bank to help strengthen the economy of the US?
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What did Hamilton want to do to create a stable economic system and strengthen the economy?

Alexander Hamilton wanted to build a bank. He also proposed tariff and national taxes

The authors of the Articles of Confederation wanted to?

To strengthen the national government

What was the level of government Hamilton wanted to strengthen?

Hamilton was a Federalist, so he wanted to strengthen the executive branch of the national government

Was Hamilton's economic measures were prompted by his determination to strengthen the national government?

This is true. Alexander Hamilton was a nationalist by belief and wanted a strong central government. As such, his economic changes were meant to fund the national debt and create a central bank.

Who wanted to create a national bank?


Who want to create national bank?

wanted*** and Alexander Hamilton wanted to create a national bank because he thought it would solve debt earier.

Why did the US create National Parks?

because they wanted too

Name three things that hamilton wanted to do to create a stable economic system and strengthen the economy?

1) he wanted to pay off all of the state's debt to increase legitimacy of new central government 2) create a new central banking system 3) Make American manufacturers self adequate with protectionist policies made to hold up the developing manufacturing company.

What was Hamilton's plan to get the nation out of debt was?

Hamilton wanted to create a national bank, use manufacturing to fund the national debt.

How did Hamilton hope to diversify and strengthen the U.S. economy Why did Jefferson disagree with Hamilton on this issue?

Hamilton wanted to promote the growth of manufacturing and commerce. Jefferson disagreed because he was worried about depending too much on a business and manufacturing economy.

Why did the Southern States like Alexander Hamilton's plan to solve the national debt?

Funding and Assumption. He wanted a National Bank to assume the nations debt

Why did Hamilton want to create a national bank?

Alexander Hamilton wanted to assume all of the state's debts from the revolution and create a consistent monetary fund.