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Benedict Arnold turned traitor and gave the British military information.

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Q: Who was a colonist who provided the British with military information?
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A colonist who provided the british with military information?

Ben Arnold

Colonist who provided british military information?

Ben Arnold

What two other military events proved that the colonist were serious in their struggle against the British?


What did the colonist try to hide from the British at Lexington and concord?

The colonists tried to protect a military depot they had established at Concord and hide John Hancock and Samuel Adams who were staying there.

How did the colonist respond to the new tax laws and increased military presence of the british government?

read the book penjo

Is Benjamin Franklin a colonist or a British?


Sold military information to the british?

Benedict Arnold

What were some colonist's military strengths?

They had immediate access to the people in charge. The British had to send to England for orders. The colonist knew the land, knew where the food was and were supported by most of the locals. The British were in hostile country that did everything they could to make life harder.

Who was in the Boston Tea Party?

It was the Colonist V.S. the British Soldiers. It was the Colonist V.S. the British Soldiers.

Revolutionary war battle where colonist proved they could inflict serious damage to the british?

Gorilla warfare, and very smart military tactics.

Why did the colonist go to war with the british?

Well the british are !@##$%^@#$%@#$%^

How did patriots communicate news of British actions throughout the 13 colonies?

Colonists used Committees of Correspondence to spread news about the latest British actions.