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Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the North American continent and back in Augusti 1928, during Calvin Coolidge's presidency.

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Q: Who was president during Amelia Earhart's solo flight?
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When was Amelia Earhart retirement?

She didn’t retire. On a flight over the Pacific she disappeared in her plane and never has been found.

Who was the president when the wright brothers made their first flight?

Theodore Roosevelt of course Theodore Roosevelt of course

Who was the president of the U.S when NASA began?

President Ronald Reagan.Depending on what you consider the first flight, the answer is either Ronald Reagan (President January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1989) or Jimmy Carter (President January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981).DateOrbiterMajor event02/18/1977EnterpriseFirst flight; Attached to Enterprise Shuttle Carrier Aircraft throughout flight.08/12/1977EnterpriseFirst free flight; Tailcone on; lakebed landing10/12/1977EnterpriseThird free flight; First with no tailcone; lakebed landing10/26/1977EnterpriseFinal Enterprise free flight; First landing on Edwards AFB concrete runway.04/12/1981ColumbiaFirst Columbia flight, first orbital test flight; STS-1Enterprise never flew in space but it did fly in the atmosphere. If you consider Enterprise to count as one of the space shuttles, then the first flight was in 1977 under Carter. If you only count the flights that launched into space, then Columbia was the first flight and occurred in 1981 under Reagan.

Who was the first team to make a successful air flight?

The Wright brothers (Orville and and Wilbur) were the first team to make a successful air flight.

What is the name of the US presidents helicopter?

The president's helicopter is known as "Marine One", which is generally a Sikorsky VH-60N. You can read more about it at the Navy's website:

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Who was Amelia earharts navigator on her last flight?

It was Fred Noonan

What date was Amelia Earharts last fligh?

1937 was Earhart's last flight

What was Amelia earharts role on the transatlantic flight?

She was a passenger to publicise the idea of women flying.

When was Amelia earharts flight over the Bermuda triangle?

She never went to Bermuda Triangle.

How many miles was Amelia Earharts flight across the pacific?

5000 miles Amelia Earhart flew across the pacific

What were Amelia earharts hobbies?

Some of her hobbies were reading, and playing the Banjo.

Who was in Amelia Earharts flight team?

Fred Noonan , a professional navigator, was the only other person with her when she disappeared.

Who was Amelia earharts copilot on her flight across the atlanti ocean?

She flew the Atlantic solo in 1932. -(no co-pilot)

What was Earharts role on her first transatlantic flight?

Amelia Earhart's role on her first transatlantic flight was to maintain the plane's log. Earhart disappeared on July 2, 1937 and was declared dead 2 years later.

What was Amelia earharts major accomplishment?

I believe Amelia's greatest achievement was her solo flight over the Atlantic in 1932. - ( that is just my opinion, many will have other opinions.)

Did Amelia Earhart sleep during the flight?

yes she slept

What dieasse did Amelia Earthart die by?

Amelia did not die of any diseases. She went missing during her flight around the world.