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John Addams was George Washington's Vice president who became president after 2 terms as Vice president.

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John Addams

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Q: Who was the First president to serve as president and vice president?
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What president was first to serve his term without a vice president?

George Washington

Who was the first person to serve as both vice president and president and president of US?

Jhon Adams

If the president can no longer serve who can be president?

vice president until presidents term is up.

If the president and vice president cant serve who can?

The Vice Vise President!!??

Who was the first vice president to be elected president right after his vice presidential term?

John Adams was the first Vice-President to be elected President immediately after his Vice-Presidential Term. He was the second person to serve as President of the United Sates, having been Vice-President during the Administration of George Washington.

Who was the first only president to serve who was not elected by US voters either as president or vice president?

george washington

Over what part of congress does the vice president serve as president?

One of the few constitutional duties of the Vice-President is to serve as President of the US Senate.

Who becomes president if the elected president can not serve?

The vice-president becomes President if the president can not function.

Who takes over the President's job if he or she is unable to serve?

The vice president duhhh!

Does the vice president serve as the president of the senate?


Where does the president and the vice president serve?

at the white house

Can a vice president serve 3 or more terms as a vice president?

yes a vice president can serve as many terms as the person voted president has chosen him as his running mate. this position is not elected by the people.