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That would be General Baron Von Steuben.

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Q: Who was the Prussian general on the American side in the American revolution?
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What did George Washington do for the American Revolution?

He was the General for the American side.

What side was Betsy Ross on during the American revolution?

she made the first american flag for general washington

How was Benadict Arnold related to the American revolution?

he was a general for the american side who deserted to the british.

What side did General Washington lead?

The colonist's side, or the American side if you prefer to call it that.

Who led the side against George Washington in the American Revolution?

General Cornwallis of Great Britain

Why did France enter the American Revolution on the side of the American?

France entered the American Revolution on the side of the Patriots because they hated Great Britian.

Who were theLoyalists in the American Revolution?

People who where on the side of great Britain during the American Revolution

Whose side was Arkansas on during the American Revolution?

Arkansas was not even a state during the American Revolution.

Which side did American fight for in the American revolution?

they fought for both sides

Which side did most native American support in the American revolution?

the British

What side fired first at the American revolution?


African-Americans fought mostly for which side in the American revolution?

African-Americans fought mostly for the patriots in the American Revolution.