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The Vice President of the US in 1939 was John Nance Garner (1868-1967).

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd US President, serving from March 4, 1933 until his death on April 12, 1945. For his first two terms (1933-1941), Garner was his Vice President. For his third term (1941-1944), it was Henry A. Wallace, and for his fourth term, it was Harry S Truman (who became the 33rd President on Roosevelt's death).

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Charles Curtis.

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Q: Who was the US Vice President during the Great Depression?
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The American president during much of the Great Depression period and most of World War II was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The 32nd president in American history, Roosevelt remains one of the most influential and accomplished (if also, in some ways, controversial) president in American history.Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president during the great depression and World War 2.

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