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William Jennings Bryan.

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Q: Who was the congressman from Nebraska who advocated free silver?
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Eloquent young congressman from nebraska who became the most prominent advocate of free silver in the early 1890s?

William Jennings Bryan

Populist author of a widely read pamphlet that denounced bankers and advocated free silver?

William "Coin" Harvey

What were the results of the Kansas Nebraska act?

A provision allowed for Nebraska to vote down the line on their status as Free or Slave.

Are White House tours free?

They are free, but exceptionally difficult to get into. You need to go through your congressman to schedule a tour.

What was the decision about slavery for Kansas and Nebraska?

Nebraska will become a free state and kansas a slave state.

Was Nebraska a slave state?

Yes, the State Nebraska was organized after the kansas-nebraska compromise. The state was selected as a slave state to balance out the slave states and non slave states since Kansas chose to be a free state.

What did free soilers hope to accomplish in Kansas?

The new settlers were known as the free soilers. Like the free soil party founded in 1848, free soilers worked to end slavery in the territories. The free soil party condemned the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Kansas Nebraska Act let to "Bleeding Kansas" a mini civil war that erupted in Kansas in 1856. Many Northerners and Southerners went to Kansas in 1854. Determined to convert the future state to their view on slavery. To ensure that their respective side would win both Southerners and Northerners. Including Ohioans like John Brown and Henry Ward Beecher, advocated the use of violence.

Why did western farms want free silver?

Really, who DOESN'T want free silver? I know I wouldn't mind it! But seriously, do you not want free silver!?!

Why did farmer want free silver?

why did western farmers want free silver?

Why did western farmers wanted free silver?

why did western farmers want free silver?

What was the Nebraska Kansas act?

The Kansas - Nebraska Act of 1854 enabled voters in the US Territories of Kansas and Nebraska vote as to whether be free or slave States once they entered the Union.

What did Stephen Douglas propose in the Kansas Nebraska act?

the Nebraska territory would open up and be divided into 2 states: nebraska and Kansas. originally, nebraska would have been the free state and kansas the slave state BUT nebraska and kansas would be decided by popular sovereignty