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Jacqueline Kennedy

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Q: Who was the first lady of JFK?
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Who was a first lady who stuttered?


What was John Kennedy's first lady?

JFK's first lady was Jacqueline Kennedy

Who was Jacqueline Kennedy?

A first lady, the wife of JFK, my hero.

Did Jackie Kennedy live in Martha's Vineyard after she was First Lady?

Sometimes, since she possessed a home there due to her marriage with JFK.

Where was Lady Bird Johnson when John F. Kennedy was assassinated?

Lady Bird Johnson, her husband (LBJ) and also the governor of Texas were in the different car with JFK and Jackie. Their car was behind the limo where JFK and Jackie seated. According to the interview with Lady Bird Johnson, the assassination of JFK was happened so suddenly. She had heard the first shot and followed by second and third shot. Everyone was panic and try to find shelter and ducking. The JFK limo ran to find the nearest hospital. She met Jackie in hospital. But the president could not be helped JFK had died.

Who is more famous John F. Kennedy or lady gaga?

Depends, do you mean nowadays or in JFK's time?

What faith was JFK?

Catholic. Other interesting fact, JFK was the first openly Catholic POTUS.

Where did JFK first work?

with ronald mcdonald

Was JFK the first US president to be assassinated?


Which president was the first to endorse the policy of affirmative action in 1961?

In 1961 JFK was president so the answer to your question is JFK.

JFK was the first what kind a president?

he was the first Roman Catholic President.

If she's first lady are the kids first kids?

No. The first lady is not the real first lady. They call the president's wife the first lady. So if Mitt Romney was the president, his wife would be the first lady. So the first lady's kids are not the first kids