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There are three people that are credited with being the founders of the Tuskegee Institute. The three founders are Booker T. Washington, Lewis Adams, and George Washington Carver.

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Q: Who was the founder of the Tuskegee Institue?
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When did carole Simpson work for the Tuskegee institue?

>Broadcast journalist, news anchor, and writer. Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, AL, journalism instructor and director of the information bureau, 1962-64;

Who was it who started a school named Tuskegee Institute in Alabama?

The founder, first teacher, and principle, was Booker T. Washington.

Value of Booker T Washington US postage stamp?

Booker man was on the postage stamp because he was the founder of the first president of Tuskegee collage

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Where is Tuskegee?

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What was Booker. T Washington head of?

Tuskegee institute-- apex

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Where is the Tuskegee Human And Civil Rights in Tuskegee Alabama located?

The address of the Tuskegee Human And Civil Rights is: Po Box 830768, Tuskegee, AL 36083-0768

Is Tuskegee Institute the same as Tuskegee university?

yes (:

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