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Q: Who was the leader of the constitutional convection?
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What did Benjamin Franklin attend the constitutional convection as?

Ben Franklin attended the constitutional convection as governor.

What year did the constitutional convection met?


Why was the Meeting at Philadelphia called?

constitutional convection

Who was elected the leader of the Constitutional Convention?

George Washington was elected leader of the Constitutional Convention.

Which state chose not to have representation at the Constitutional Convection?


Where was the constitutional convection held?

The state house in Philadelphia

Who was known as the father of the constitutional convection?

James Madison

Where and when was the Constitutional Convention?

The constitutional convection was origionaly in Washington, D.C but they later went to Phylidelphia.

What was the state did not send delegates to the constitutional convection?

Rhode Island

Who was the oldest member of constitutional convection?

Ben Franklin at 81.

Who was the oldest leader at the Constitutional Convention?

The oldest leader at the oldest leader at the constitutional convention was Ben Franklin, he was 81 years old :0

What is the constitutional convection?

This is a meeting in Philadelphia where the Constitution was written in the founding fathers.