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William H. Wisener spoke out against a proposal that would cause Tennessee to secede from the Union.

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Q: Who was the one man that voted against secession in the union?
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How did opponents of Reconstruction challenge it?

The opponents of Reconstruction challenged it in many different ways. The opponents in government wrote strong letters and voted against any funds going to the process. The everyday man would also protest.

What did they call a colonist that did not want independence?

In the Confederacy a person who did agree with secession was often refered to as a "Unionist" or a "Union man". Those of course were the polite terms. People of the North who sympathized with the secessionists were called "copperheads".

Why did Judge Wilson vote for independence 1776?

With a unaninous vote needed for passage and the other 12 colonies already having voted in favor of independence, the decision came down to the state of Pennsylvania. The delegation was split, with Judge Wilson the deciding vote. While it was thought that Wilson was actually against independence, he reasoned that by voting his belief he would be remembered throughout history as the man who killed American independency, while if he voted for independence he would be just be one of many, his anonymity preserved.

Who said A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still?

Thomas Michael Cornielius McGinnis

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