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Who were the key members in the New England colonies colony? what did they do?

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The Pilgrim Fathers

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Q: Who were the key members in the New England colony and what did they do?
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Key aspirations people have in colonial New Jersey?

key aspiration of the colony of new jersey

Who did jhon winthrop lead?

John Winthrop was a leader of Puritans, person who had emigrated from England because they were facing persecution from the Church of England. Winthrop was key in founding the Massachusetts Bay Colony, which was the second major settlement in New England (the first being Plymouth).

What were the key aspirations people had in the New York colony?

A better future for their family.

Who were some of the key people in the establishment of the colony of New York?

the duke of york was the person who founded new York

What are the key similarities among the New England colonies of Massachusetts Bay Connecticut and Rhode Island?

They came over to these colonies looking for a new life. Each colony had a representative government and religious freedom. Also, they were all charter colonies and had the same economical establishments.

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What were the key resources of the New England colonies cod spices candels or tea?


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What key words are associated with Connecticut?

Yale University, maritime, insurance, New England.

What religion did the Virginia colony go for?

The Virginia colony's official religion was the Church of England. Residents of the colony paid taxes to the church and were required to attend church services even if they belonged to another faith. Freedom of religion was a key motivator in Virginia's role to become independent from Britain.

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The head of State is the Queen of England. The Prime Minister is John Key.