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Q: Who won the battle of vinegar hill?
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Who won the battle of champions hill?

the union won the battle of champion hill

Who won the battle of Quaker Hill?

the hill

When did Battle of Vinegar Hill happen?

Australia's Battle of Vinegar Hill, also known as the Battle of Castle Hill, began at 9:00am on 4 March 1804, led by convicts Phillip Cunningham and William Johnston.It was named the Battle of Vinegar Hill after an uprising of Irish rebels against British authority in 1798 - an uprising which saw many of the rebels transported to New South Wales as political prisoners.

Who Won The Battle of Kettle Hill?

Th American Army won the Battle of Kettle Hill because the Spanish were already tired from the battle of San Juan Hill.

Who won the battle of Hobkirk's Hill?

The British won

The British learned that defeating the Americans would not be easy after the British won the?

Battle of Bunker Hill.

Which hill did Battle of Bunker Hill occur on?

the battle of bunker hill was on breed's hill. the british won.

Who won the battle of bucker hill?

The Ameicans won the battle of Bucker Hill.I think it was huge

Who won in Battle of Bunker Hill?


Who won the battle of Malvern Hill?

the Union

Was the battle of hamburger hill success?

The U.S. and South Vietnamese won The Battle Of Hamburger Hill

Did the patriots win The Battle of Bunker Hill?

No, they won the battle. The battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought on Breed Hill. The British won this skirmish. It was the first major confrontation between the British army and the Continental army. The commanders for the continental army were stationed on Bunker hill, because it offered the best vantage point.