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In Britain it is the King/Queen.

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Q: Whom does the Prime Minister give his resignation?
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Loksabha speaker will give his resignation to whom?

deputy speaker of loksabha

The president of india can give up his office by addressing resignation to whom?

Vice president

Give me the email address of prime minister of Bangladesh sheikh Hasina?

give me the email address of prim minister of Bangladesh

How does a person becomes a prime minister of Vietnam?

The president appoints the Prime Minister of Vietnam. After appointment, the national assembly members must vet and give their approval.

Is the Prime Minister more important than the President in European countries?

In countries that have both, the President is the head of state and the prime minister is the head of government. The prime ministers normally have a more active role in running the country, but the president is still the actual head of the country. Presidents may give the seal of office to a prime minister and a prime minister will often go to see the president when a government collapses.

Who was the british prime minister who declared his nation would never give in?

Winston Churchill

Why did British Prime Minister Gordon Brown decide to make Senator Edward Kennedy an honorary knight?

Prime Minister Brown is an aquaphobe and Senator Kennedy promised to give him swimming lessons

How do you give a little introduction for indira Gandhi for kids?

Indira Gandhi known as THE IRON LADY was the first female prime minister of India.Herfather JawaharlalNehru was the first prime minister of India.Sheinspired many Indians.

What significant speech did john Rudd give in 2008?

There is no Prime Minister of Australia called John Rudd. The Prime Minister's name is Kevin Rudd. Before him, the Prime Minister was John Howard. On 13 February 2008 Kevin Rudd gave a speech where he officially apologised to the Stolen Generations of indigenous Australians.

Did john howard give up being a prime minister so he can play criket?

No the newpapers threw him out.

Why did Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain give Hitler the Sudetenland at the Munich Conference?

He did not want to be involved in a conflict.

Can you give me a sentence with the word govern?

John Smith, now the prime minister, has the right to govern the country.