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the separation of powers.

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Q: Why, The Roman Constitution called for the government to be made up of the senate, the legislative assemblies, and the executive magistrates. This is an example of?
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Which branch of the new government created by the US Constitution mirrored the representative assemblies that governed the colonies?


What roman government was made up of magistrates the roman senate and the assemblies and tribunes?

The government of the Roman Republic.

What were three parts of Rome government?

senates patricians magistratesThe assemblies, the senate and the magistrates.

What were the three parts of Rome's government?

The consuls The senate The peoples' assemblies - Centuriate, Tribal and Plebeian.

What were the three branches of the Roman government?

First there are The Magistrates: They represented the tradition of monarchy.Secondly, There are the Senate: It represented the tradition of oligarchy.Lastly, the Assemblies represented the democratic element of the Roman Republic.

Number of assemblies in the Australian Government?

The state parliaments have 'assemblies' the commonwealth parliament has 2 houses, called the House of Representatives and the Senate which are comparable to the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Councils in most states respectively.

What article in the Constitution outline the makeup of the legislative branch?

Article I of the Constitution defines the legislative branch of the U.S. government.

What were the three branches of roman govt?

The Roman Empire was made up of the consuls, assembly and senate. The senate is like our legislative, consuls are like executive made up of powerful military generals and the assembly is like judicial. The assembly elected the consuls but the consuls almost always listened to the senate.

Where in the Constitution is the function of the legislative branch of the government explained?

article 1Article I of the US Constitution defines the legislative branch.

What does article you of the constitution do?

Sets the legislative branch of the government

What are the branch of government in the constitution?

Legislative executive judical

What do the article of the constitution do?

Sets the legislative branch of the government