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The consuls

The senate

The peoples' assemblies - Centuriate, Tribal and Plebeian.

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senates patricians magistrates
The assemblies, the senate and the magistrates.

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Q: What were the three parts of Rome's government?
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Why was government of ancient Rome divided into three parts?

Ancient Romes government was divided into three parts because of how stable they wanted it to be.

What has three parts?

the government

Who started Romes first government?


How many parts are in the US government?


What is Romes type of government?

Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy is a democracy.

What role did the plebeians take in the early roman government?

prediction how do you think italys geography and romes location would affect the spread of romes influence

How did the framers learn from romes types of government?

You need to clarify what you mean by framers.

Why did the framers include a system of checks and balances in Constitution?

The idea was for the three parts of government make sure that the government would not be run by tyrants. The three parts of government are Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch.

What new kind of government arose during romes decline?

Christian religious

What were the three main parts of roman government?

Consuls,Senate and assembly

What were three main parts of roman government?

Consuls,Senate and assembly

List three political systems in southeast Asia?

Parts of Southeast Asia have a Communist government. Parts have a democratic government. Some have a constitutional monarchy.