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because it not the ministry which run the country the parliament of England and the queen judges them

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Q: Why England has not ministers?
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Group of government ministers in England?

The Cabinet.

Who are the current ministers of England?

David Cameron is Prime Minister

How long is the England prime ministers term?

5 year

What has the author J Houston Browne written?

J. Houston Browne has written: 'Lives of the prime ministers of England, from the restoration to the present time' 'Lives of the Prime Ministers of England: From the Restoration to the Present ..'

Who were the presidents of England?

England doesn't have presidents, they have prime ministers the current prime minister is David Cameron

Who was the president of England in 1875?

England never had presidents they had Prime Ministers. 1875 the PM was Benjamin Disraeli.

Who lives in 10 down street in London?

The Prime Ministers of England.

What has the author Daniel Hope Elletson written?

Daniel Hope Elletson has written: 'Chequers and the Prime Ministers' -- subject(s): Chequers (England), Prime ministers

Can i get England 's president pictures?

England has never had a president; the closest is Oliver Cromwell who ruled Britain after Charles I was executed. You may want to look for Prime-Ministers of UK or David Cameron to find pictures of British Prime Ministers.

Why were prime ministers founded In England?

Because England is the "mother of all parliaments" it created the first parliamentary democracy and therefore the terms used started there.

Where do cabinet answer questions in England?

.Senior cabinet ministers answer questions in parliament at question time. Possibly the best known example of this is Prime Ministers question time, though all senior ministers do similar. There is also provision made for written questions and answers

How many Prime Ministers have been in England?

About 70 since Robert Walpole in 1721 who was considered to be the first.