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because without it the legislative branch wouldn't work how it does.

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Q: Why are joint committees beneficial to the law making process?
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What committees work on issues that are not laws but which concern both houses of Congress?

joint committees

Are Standing committees are permanent committees?

That depends on what the joint committee is. Joint committees refers to a wide group of committees that share a common characteristic, that they have membership from both the house and the senate. Many joint committees are standing committees, which are permanent. At the same time, many joint committees arent permanent. So pretty much: Joint committees can be permanent, but dont have to be.

What types of committees are there?

Types of committees include standing committees, select committees, and joint committees.

How do joint committees from conference committees?

Joint committees are involved in investigative duties whereas Conference committees deal with the variations in bills from both houses.

What dictates a senators or representives placement and leadership on a committee?

joint committees

What is the four types of Congressional Committees?

House standing committees Joint committees of congress && Senate standing committees

How do joint committees differ from conference committees?

Joint committees perform investigative or house keeping duties; Conference committees iron out differences in bills from both houses.

Which type of committees are the equivalent of select committees but have members of both houses?

Joint committees

What name is given to a joint House-Senate committee?

Congressional Committees made up of members from both the Senate and the House are called Joint Committees. Some examples of such committees are the Joint Economic Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

What are the types of committees found in congress?

Four types of committees in Congress are: 1. Standing Committees- permanent, public policy 2. Joint Committees- both Senate/House members 3. Select Committees- temporary, specific purpose 4. Conference Committees- joint/select, reconcile differences between House/Senate versions of proposed bills.

These committees may eventually become standing committees?

Joint Committee

Who uses joint-committees under the 3 branches?

The legislative branch uses joint committees. A joint committee is one where there is a combination of Senators and Representatives on the same committee. Usually, committees are created by each house of Congress separately and consist only of Representatives or Senators depending on which house create the committee.