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I am not from Canada, but former partner was born and raised in Montreal. I think that Canadians have a great pride in the freedoms the people enjoy, including those who are gay and lesbians. Canadians, are not nearly as prejudice and judgemental as Americans are! I have seen documentaries where American blacks who had lived in Canada and then moved back to the states, were sadden by the rascism that exists here which they didn't experience in Canada. I, as a gay man, am envious of how wonderfully accepting and progressive in their social attitudes! Canadians, seem to have a greater respect for the environment and city planning. I used to drive an 18-wheeler in both countries, and was always impressed with Canadian towns and cities and the beauty I saw everywhere! I remember my former partner being amazed at the garbage in people's homes and how trashy so many of our cities and towns were compared to Canada! Canada has a high standard of living and a government that seems to work well for the people. Unlike the United States, I'm sure corporations are not nearly as powerful and corrupt, in Canada. I am envious that the government protects the people by having universal, single-payer health care, that is fair and where no one has to worry about going bankrupt if they have a catastrophic illness! I am also an Anglican, and the Anglican Church in Canada is so vibrant and plays such a significant role in your society!

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Q: Why are we so lucky to be in Canada?
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