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because they didn't do no work

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Q: Why did Andrew Johnson oppose African Americans from being in the war?
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What did African-Americans do to oppose slavery?

It's a difficult question. When it was going on, African Americans were enslaved.

How did radical white southerners oppose rights for african americans?

Radical white southerners did everything in their power to oppose rights for African Americans. Namely, the white southerners would African Americans to take tests and pay outrageous fees in order to vote.

Why would Southerners oppose the education of African-Americans?

you go look at it on the website

Why did Andrew Johnson oppose spending money on helping the freed slaves?

Because they already spent too much money on the civil war

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KKK, Ku Klux Klan opposed African-Americans, Jews, Catholics, and Immigrants.

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I dont freaking know, you tell me dude !

What did the ku klux klan oppose in the 1920's?

KKK, Ku Klux Klan opposed African-Americans, Jews, Catholics, and Immigrants.

Why did radical Republicans oppose Andrew Johnson's plan for reconstruction?

They didn't agree that the Southern states should be allowed into the Union so quickly and that they should pay for what they did.

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It isn't that the people oppose it is more of the family. For most Asian they/the family members who came to America had to be well educated. Some Asians view African Americans as uneducated and they believe they would just live off of the Asian. But there are some people who oppose and those people just haven't gotten past the fact the racism yet.

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Did president Johnson oppose the extension of the Freedmen's Bureau?