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because it ended the Missouri compromise

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Q: Why did Dredi Scott say that the Missouri Compromise was not Constitutional?
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What describes the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Dred Scott v. Sandford case?

The Missouri Compromise was illegal; therefore, Dred Scott was free.The Missouri Compromise was legal; therefore, Dred Scott wasn't free.The Missouri Compromise was illegal; therefore, Dred Scott wasn't free.The Missouri Compromise was legal; therefore, Dred Scott was free.

What effect did Dred Scott court case have on Dred Scott's freedom and on The Missouri Compromise?

The Dred Scott case decision in 1857 by the US Supreme Court did not actively effect the 1850 Missouri Compromise. The Compromise had been negated by the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854.What was effected was the Court's ruling that the US Congress could not pass legislation on slavery. Slavery was property and was constitutional according to the ruling of the Court. Scott never became a freeman.

When was Dredi Scott verdict passed down by the Supreme Court?


Are there some famous slaves in the Missouri compromise?

dred Scott

What dicison nullified The Missouri Compromise?

Dred Scott decision

What law founded to be unconstitutional in the dred scott decision?

The law that was found to be unconstitutional in the Dred Scott decision was the Missouri Compromise of 1820, which banned slavery in certain territories. The Supreme Court ruled that Congress did not have the power to prohibit slavery in these territories, as it violated the constitutional rights of slaveholders.

What was the relationship between the dred scott case and The Missouri Compromise?

The Supreme Court verdict in the Dred Scott case declared that slavery was legal in every state of the Union. So this invalidated both the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850.

When did Missouri Compromise start?

The Missouri Compromise happened in the 1820s :)

What decision declared the Missouri compromise unconstitutional?

The admission of California to the Union - it was too big to be accommodated according to the terms of that compromise.

What law did dred Scott vs sandford declare unconstitutional?

The Missouri Compromise.

What effect did the Dred Scott Supreme Court case have on Dred Scott's freddom and on the Missouri Compromise?

Scott didn't win his freedom and the decision reinforced the idea that slaves were property. The Missouri Compromise was a blow to the southern states to gain more slave states. I don't think the Scott decision added anything to the compromise, but it did entrench slavery in the states where it existed.

What was the effect of the Dread Scott decision on the Missouri Compromise?

The Dred Scott decision repealed the Missouri Compromise because it was said to deny a man's right to property and that it is unconstitutional. The decision legalized slavery everywhere, and the Missouri Compromise said that there equal free states and slave states, and so now all states are slave states.