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Because they were going to take Pearl away because the citizens thought it was their Christian duty to try to save Pearl from Hester's sin.

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Q: Why did Hester go to see Governor Bellingham in The Scarlet Letter?
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Why does Hester visit the governor bellingham in The Scarlet Letter?

She wanted to deliver a pair of gloves and ask whether or not Pearl will be taken from her.

What do bellingham and john want Hester to do in The Scarlet Letter?

They want Hester to reveal Pearl's father.

Describe governor bellingham in The Scarlet Letter?

he was my dad

Where does Pearl prick her finger on a rose thorn in The Scarlet Letter?

Pearl pricks her finger on a rose thorn while playing in the Governor's garden in Chapter 7 of The Scarlet Letter. This event occurs during a scene where Hester and Pearl are waiting to speak with Governor Bellingham.

Who is sister is a witch in The Scarlet Letter?

Governor Bellingham's sister, Misses Hibbins is the witch

What is Hester not asked to make in The Scarlet Letter?

Hester is not asked to make a pair of gloves in The Scarlet Letter. She is asked to make a burial garment for Governor Winthrop.

In The Scarlet Letter what do bellingham and Wilson want Hester to do?

Governor Bellingham and Reverend Wilson want Hester Prynne to reveal the identity of the father of her child. They seek to shame and punish her for her sin of adultery by enforcing the strict moral codes of Puritan society.

Who is Bellingham in The Scarlet Letter?

Bellingham is a character in Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel "The Scarlet Letter." He is the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, known for his strict adherence to Puritan laws and customs. Governor Bellingham plays a significant role in the novel's portrayal of societal judgment and authority.

What is Hester's full name in The Scarlet Letter?

Hester's full name in The Scarlet Letter is Hester Prynne.

What convinced the Governor to let Hester Keep Pearl in the Scarlet Letter?

The fact that Hester would constantly remind Pearl of the consequences of sin is what convinced the governor to let Hester keep Pearl. Hester supported herself and Pearl by sewing garments.

The Scarlet was the letter?

The letter on the chest of Hester Prynne's dress is a scarlet letter A. A for adultery.

Who suffers more in The Scarlet Letter Hester or dimmesdale?