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He was ordered to by his commander.

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Q: Why did Washington attack the french but later surrendered?
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What jobs did George Washington have?

When George was 13 he found his grandfathers surveying tools and became a surveyor. Three years later he got into a surveying expedition and one year later when George was 17 he became a professional surveyor. In 1752 when he was 21 George got into the British military. He was appointed Major in the British Army. In 1753 George carried a British ultimatum to the French. In 1754 George was given the rank of Lieutenant in the Colonial Militia. Also Washington was defeated by the French during the attack on Fort Duquesne. At the age of 24, George attempted to receive a regular commission in the British Army. When the request was refused, George became an aid to General Edward Braddock with a commission as Lieutenant Colonel. Then Washington took command of Braddock's forces. Then for his bravery, Washington is promoted to Commander of Virginia forces. Those are only a few things he did in his military career. George is a hero for many things and one of them is his presidency. He is so called "The father of our country". Washington was elected 1789 and retired in 1797 although the people wanted him to stay president; he went back to his house and family. He was a land surveyor.camader and cheifThat would be Commander in Chief , President, and before that General of the Continental Army.

Who was George Washington's hero in his childhood?

I don't know if it was in his childhood but I had picked out the name "Cato" for later use because I had read that was Washington's hero. I do not know who he was.

Was George Washington voted in?

Yes, George Washington was elected President of the United States, and then re-elected four years later. He retired after serving two terms.

Which war was George Washington President?

The Revolutionary War was the one most people would associate with George Washington. But he also participated in the French and Indian War, fighting with the Virginia Militia in support of the British fighting the French (the opposite scenario occurred 11 years later in the American Revolution).

What was one effect that President George Washington had on later presidents?

Presidents would want to follow in his footsteps

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General Braddock and George Washington led an attack against the French at Fort duquesne?

It wasn't a British General it was General George Washington and later on he set up Fort Necessity which was later sieged by the French until George Washington surrendered.

What made the colony successful?

they allied the french and other countries in Europe and planned to attack the british... later on the british finally surrendered.

What made middle colonies successful?

they allied the french and other countries in Europe and planned to attack the british... later on the british finally surrendered.

What made the middle colonies successful?

they allied the french and other countries in europe and planned to attack the british... later on the british finally surrendered.

What is the effect on Washington attacking the French but later surrendered?

the french are to noob to fight some one as awesome as Washington-prime the most intense robot fighter in the world. The french did have one weapon .. HIS NAME WAS CHUCK NORRIS. but he is American so he was like whatever noobs i don't have time for your sissy games. Chuck Norris then roundhouse kicked everyone. and that my son is how the west was won.

Forest of Compiegne railway carriage?

The car was transported to Germany after the French surrendered where it was later destroyed by allied bombing.

Who was the general during the French and Indian war who would later become a president?

George Washington

Who was a soldier for the british in the french and Indian war and later he went on to be in charge of the continental army?

George Washington.

Who was young Virginia surveyor who led militia in french and Indian war he later was commander of the American forces during the revolutionary war?

George Washington was a young surveyor who came to Virginia to help fight the French. Washington was only twenty-one years old when the French moved troops into Virginia.

Who was the French officer who became close friends with Washington and later became a leader in the French Revolution?

Gilbert de Mortier, also known as Marquis de Lafayette.

War in which marquis de Lafayette helped Washington?

Revolution. Later, in the French Revolution he used tactics learned in the American revolution.

What has made Charles De Gaulle popular?

Charles De Gaulle was the leader of the French forces during World War two, and later founded the French Fifth Republic, in which he presided for ten years. He was the general who capitulated to the Nazi forces' demands and surrendered France to the Axis.