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Q: Why did Washington refuse to help french with war against Britain?
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What did George Washington refuse to?

He refuse to be the king.

Why did volunteers refuse to fight against Germany with Britain during the Easter rising?

Britain was the enemy of the volunteers, so naturally they were not going to fight with their enemy, so they stayed out of it.

Why did George Washington refuse to become king?

He saw what happened under a king and had just fought a war against one.

Was the US right to refuse the fight against Germany when Great Britain and France did?

The US did not have any standing agreements to aid Poland in the event of an invasion, France and Great Britain did. There was no need for the US to pick a fight with Germany just for the sake of fighting.

Who was the first president to refuse a third term?

George Washington

Why did a number of volunteers refuse to fight for Britain against Germany?

Many of the British felt a strong racial tie to the Germans. Some also felt that joining the war because Germany invaded France was an incredibly foolish and misguided idea that seriously endangered Britain.

Why did President Truman refuse Hos requests for help against the French?

President Truman refused Ho Chi Minh's request for help against the French because Truman viewed France as a vital ally in the struggle against the spread of communism in postwar Europe. He also was unwilling to back the Vietminh because of Ho's Communist Party connections.

Why did Britain refuse to allow them to be independent?

follow the money. What else would you think it was about?

Why did Josef Stalin refuse to join an alliance with Britain and France?

They were scared of Communism

Why were the acadians caught in the middle of the fight between the french and the british?

why did the acadians refuse to fight the french

Did George Washington refuse to sign the Constitution?

No. He ratified it on Sept. 17, 1787.

What year did year did George Washington refuse a third term as president?