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We don't know for sure. But o. Henry is known for having a "twist" ending to most of his stories.

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Q: Why did ben price let jimmy go?
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Why does ben price let jimmy valentine go free?

Ben Price decides to let Jimmy Valentine go free because he sees that Valentine has changed his ways and is no longer a criminal. Price also feels sympathy for Valentine after seeing him risk his life to save a child trapped in a safe. Ultimately, Price believes in giving second chances to those who have shown true remorse and a desire to reform.

Why do you think ben price made the right decision to pretend not to know jimmy in retrieved reformation?

Ben Price made the right decision to pretend not to know Jimmy in "A Retrieved Reformation" because he recognized that Jimmy had truly reformed and deserved a second chance at a honest life. By letting Jimmy go, Ben showed compassion and understanding, which ultimately led to a positive outcome for Jimmy and his future. It also showcased Ben's own growth and ability to see beyond the black-and-white of the law.

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