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Q: Why did delegates to the convention compromise on the slavery question?
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What compromise regarding slavery was reached by the delegates at the 1787 constitutional convention?

The three fifths compromise

How did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention deal with slavery?

By counting 60% of slaves for the purposes of representation and taxes. All delegates to the Convention recognized that this was an imperfect compromise to a difficult issue, but many of the delegates redesigning American government didn't want to deal with slavery at all. by counting 60% for all slaves--APEX

Is it true the delegates to the Constitutional Convention faced difficulties reaching compromise on the issues of slavery representation and balance of power?

yes it is true

What did the delegates at the Annapolis Convention decide to do?

The delegates at the Annapolis Convention declared slavery to be unconstitutional.

Why did the delegates have to compromise on slavery?

the southern delegates would not have signed.

In addition to the Three-Fifths Compromise what other compromise was reached at the convention regarding slavery?

The Connecticut Compromise was reached at the convention regarding slavery

Who were all the delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

the abolition of slavery

Convention delegates refuse to settle in 1787?


What three compromises about slavery kept southern delegates from walking out of the constitutional convention?

There was only one compromise regarding slavery and it was the three-fifths compromise which stated that slaves would be counted as three-fifths of a person for purposes of assigning House of Representative seats. Another compromise during the Constitutional convention was the Great compromise which created a bicameral legislature and the creation of the electoral college for Presidential elections.

Why you think the delegates to the constitutional convention were right or wrong in compromising on the slavery issue?

The delegates were right to compromise over slavery because, despite the anti-slavery sentiments of many of the delegates, the southern representatives were not about to compromise the cornerstone of their economy. Demanding the immediate end of slavery would have caused them to walk out, jeopardizing the new nation. Therefore, the delegates kept slavery but left provisions for the elimination of slavery at a later date. Also, they added the three-fifths clause, which essentially hamstrung the southern states' ability to use slaves to inflate their population and therefore their representation in the House of Representatives.

What issues did the convention delegates refuse to settle in 1787?


What did delegates to the Constitutional Convention about slavery?

nothing. They agreed to keep slavery and kick out the British