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The Philadelphia Convention was, in fact held behind closed doors. Minutes of the meetings were secreted at Mt. Vernon, and not all delegates arrived at the convention with the understanding that the convention was being held not to alter the Articles of Confederation, but to replace them with a new Constitution. This secrecy was probably neccessary. To open the convention to public debate would have assured that it would have been mired in constant debate with little hope for a workable agreement. The delegates wisely, I think, chose to hammer out a completed document that could be presented to the states in a complete or near complete form. This both minimized the debate, and provided for those skillful at Propaganda ample time to formulate arguements for and against the document. (Federalist Papers) In the end, the public did have a say, in so far as each state had to ratify the document.

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Q: Why did founding fathers get chosen to write the Constitution without any public input?
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Did the founding fathers choose between English and French as the national language?

It was quite common in those days for educated gentlemen to speak, or at least read, Latin and/or French and maybe even Greek. Not all of the Founding Fathers had these accomplishments but many did. Michael Montagne

Who was chosen to The US Constitution convention?

The 55 men who attended were the members of Congress.

Article II of the Constitution outlines how the President and Vice President are chosen Summary?

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How were senators chosen in the original constitution?

Originally the US Constitution stated that senators should be chosen by state legislatures. The 17th Amendment that was passed in 1913 stated that the senators should be chosen through an election within their state.

Were the founding father's motives for the creation of the Constitution democratic reform or economic gain?

The way this question is answered depends a great deal on what is understood by "democratic reformer." If the word "democratic" is given an extremely narrow definition, it is easy to say that the founding fathers were not democratic reformers. Their original intent was only to throw off the yoke of british rule. Looking back to pre-revolutionary America we see that the colonial governments were modeled after british limited monarchy, the colonies had assemblies, upper and lower houses, and while they did not have a king they had a governor who was chosen directly by the king so as to be an extension of the kings will in the colonies. We must assume that even during the revolution the founding fathers had no designs of a democracy and even after the revolution some might hesitate to call the government formed a democracy because it lacked a strong central government. In fact, the articles of confederation were modeled more after the grecian city-states which were republican governments. One might argue that it is irrelevant to the concept of democracy whether the central government is weak or strong; by this argument, Switzerland is the least democratic country in the world and absulute dictatorships are more democratic since they are centralized. In addition these remarks really only apply to the actions of the founding fathers prior to the Constitution of 1787 since that Constitution created a stronger central government although it retained a monarch-like figure in the position of President. The founding generation were democratic reformers in many ways, and were really seen as radical during their time. They did receive a lot of their ideas of democracy from the Enlightenment writers, such as Locke, Voltaire,and Rousseau. Nevertheless, many of the founders were rather reserved on giving democratic power and say in the government to the common man, being uncertain that the country would be able to remain stable and orderly if such was the case.

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Where were the founding fathers buried?

There is no central burial place for founding fathers such as some countries have for their kings. The individual founding fathers are buried in spots chosen by their families. Most are buried near their homes.

Why did the founding fathers meet in philadelphia?

The reason the founding fathers chose Philadelphia as the location for the constitution convention was because it was right in the middle of the original colonies and it was the most convenient place for it to take place.

Were any of the founding fathers volunteers or were they all in paid positions?

If by "Founding Fathers" you mean members of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, all of the delegates were chosen by their state legislatures and served in those positions without pay. I think some of the legislatures may have reembursed them for their expenses but I am not certain of that. Michael Montagne

How were the founding fathers chosen?

they were the group of representatives sent to the second continental congress where they had the idea of writing the declaration of independence.

What do Bald Eagles stand for?

The bald eagle was chosen by the founding fathers because it symbolized strength, courage, freedom and immortality. The founding fathers felt that the bird encompassed these qualities in the same way that the newly formed United States did

Why is Benjamin Franklin on a 5 dollar bill?

While he was never president, Ben Franklin was arguably one of the most important people who founded the United States. In addition to being one of the main contributors to the US Constitution, he was an author, a diplomat, a philosopher, and a scientist.

Why were they chosen To be on mount Rushmoore?

Because they were our hevanly fathers and the sybolized our country

Which country's constitution has most of the countries chosen to begin their constitution with a preamble?


How was James Madison chosen to be president?

He was a founding father -- one of the leaders in drafting the US Constitution. He had just spent 8 years as Secretary of State . He was well-known and had Jefferson's suppport. He was pretty much next in line for the job of President.

What is the main idea of the preamble of the Constitution?

Although, the constitution is many years old The Constitution is still the basis of government because no one has successfully rebelled against. The constitution was made So that America should have basic guide lines that all citizens had to follow. No country can be run without order. The constitution gives order and rules for the citizens and government to follow. Without the constitution there would be nothing to state how government should be chosen and how it should work, and nothing for the citizens to follow.

Did the founding fathers choose between English and French as the national language?

It was quite common in those days for educated gentlemen to speak, or at least read, Latin and/or French and maybe even Greek. Not all of the Founding Fathers had these accomplishments but many did. Michael Montagne

Why was Philadelphia chosen for the writing of the constitution?

it used to be the US capital back then