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the government passed tariffs to raise taxes

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Q: Why did government pass tariffs?
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Why did congress pass a law on tariffs in 1828?

To help the North.

Is there any disadvantage to a government placing a tariffs on imported goods?

Yes, the main disadvantage of a government placing tariffs on imported goods is increased cost and a possible retaliation tariff from the exporting country. Tariffs make the goods more expensive for the consumer.

How a government might finance its expenditure?

tax, revenue from government enterprises and tariffs, government borrowing, selling government businesses.

What tariffs were designed to provide income for the federal government?


Why did the government put tariffs in place?

To help the nation's manufactures.

Which level of government is responsible for tariffs on international trade?


Does the US federal government have the power to tax imports?

The US government may tax imported goods through a tax system called tariffs. US states have no authority over tariffs..

The tariffs would raise money for the government and protect American industries from foreign competition. Who opposed the tariffs and why ?

The south because they had little industry .

What percentage of the national income was attributed to tariffs in 1790?

By the 1790's the revenue from tariffs provide 90 percent of the national government's income.

Do states set tariffs on goods coming in?

No. That belongs to federal government .

Under Hamilton's plan the main source of government revenue was?


How did Wilson compensate for reduced government government income resulted from his lowering of tariffs?

by creating an income tax