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Q: Why did northerners dislike the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
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Why did northerners dislike the Kansas Nebraska act?


What did the northerners dislike about fugitive slave law of 1850?

Northerners, especially abolitionists, disliked the 'Bloodhound Law' as it required escaped slaves to be returned to their masters even if they were found in a free state. Northerners worried that the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was part of a vast conspiracy of the southern plantation elite.

Which statement best describes the reaction of Northerners to the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

They strongly disapproved of the act.

Why did fugitive slave act anger northerners?

It angered Northerners, because they were forced to return slaves that had escaped back to their owners in the South.

Why did the election of Herschel Johnson and Alexander Stephens upset the northerners?

they were against the Act

Laws punished northerners who assisted escaped slaves?

Fugitive Slave Act

What was the name given to Northerners who went to the south to carry out the Reconstruction Act?


What act required northerners to capture runaway slaves?

The Fugitive Slave Law.

What problem did some northerners have with the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

It violated the Missouri Compromise.

What two parts of the Compromise of 1850 appealed most to Northerners?

Northerners were most pleased that California was admitted as a free state. The south was pleased that the fugitive slave act REQUIRED assistance in capturing runaway slaves or face imprisonment.

What unintended effect did the fugitive slave act have on northerners?

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 intensified opposition to slavery in the North by requiring northerners to assist in the capture and return of escaped slaves. This led to heightened tensions between pro- and anti-slavery factions, as many people in the North resented being forced to participate in the enforcement of slavery. The act also sparked a wave of resistance and defiance, with some northerners aiding fugitive slaves in their escape.

What was the importance of the fugitive slave act?

This act was made for the south to be able to go to the north and search for their run-away slaves and to be able to go into a northerners house and search for them. Sometimes the slaves would hide in the barn with out the northerners knowing and the northerners would get in trouble for it and they did not care if they were telling the truth about not hiding slaves or not they would still get in trouble.