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It violated the Missouri Compromise.

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Q: What problem did some northerners have with the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
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Why did northerners dislike the Kansas Nebraska act?


Why did northerners dislike the Kansas-Nebraska Act?


How did some northerners respond to the fugitive slave act?

Some northerners responded to the Fugitive Slave Act by actively resisting its enforcement, such as participating in the Underground Railroad to help enslaved individuals escape to freedom. Others criticized the law as a violation of their principles and refused to comply with it, leading to tensions between northern states and the federal government. Additionally, some northerners organized protests and demonstrations to voice their opposition to the law.

Why did the northerners oppose the kansas-nebraska act?

Because it could have allowed some new slave-states in the West.

Why did northerners support the fugitive slave act?

Northerners supported the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 to maintain the fragile union between the North and South. Many believed it was a necessary compromise to prevent secession and avoid further conflict over slavery. Additionally, some northerners believed in upholding the Constitution, which included provisions for the return of escaped slaves.

What unintended effect did the fugitive slave act have on northerners?

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 intensified opposition to slavery in the North by requiring northerners to assist in the capture and return of escaped slaves. This led to heightened tensions between pro- and anti-slavery factions, as many people in the North resented being forced to participate in the enforcement of slavery. The act also sparked a wave of resistance and defiance, with some northerners aiding fugitive slaves in their escape.

Why did Northerners oppose the Fugitive Slave Act?

Northerners opposed the Fugitive Slave Act because it required them to cooperate in the capture and return of runaway slaves, even if they were located in free states. Many Northerners viewed the act as a violation of states' rights and as a way to enforce slavery in territories where it was not supported. Additionally, some Northerners opposed the act on moral grounds, believing that it was unjust to send free individuals back into slavery.

Which statement best describes the reaction of Northerners to the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

They strongly disapproved of the act.

What did some northerners defied the fugitive slave act?

Some northerners defied the Fugitive Slave Act by harboring fugitive slaves, helping them escape to free states or Canada, or participating in the Underground Railroad, a network of safe houses and secret routes for escaping slaves. These individuals believed in the immorality of slavery and chose to actively resist laws that supported it.

Why did fugitive slave act anger northerners?

It angered Northerners, because they were forced to return slaves that had escaped back to their owners in the South.

Why did some northerners support personl liberty laws?

Some Northerners supported personal liberty laws because they opposed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which required the return of escaped slaves to their owners. By passing personal liberty laws, these Northerners aimed to protect the rights of free African Americans and prevent the capture and return of fugitive slaves in their states.

What were some ways that northerners defied the fugitive slave act?

Some ways that northerners defied the Fugitive Slave Act included refusing to comply with the law, organizing protests and demonstrations, aiding escaped slaves in their journey to freedom through the Underground Railroad, and challenging the constitutionality of the law in court.