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because the southerners did not like Hamilton dumb

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Q: Why did southern states to object Hamilton's plan to pay off the national debt?
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What deal helped win support from the southern states in hamiltons debt plan?

He promised to locate the capitol in the south.

What result of Hamiltons federalist beliefs?

establishing the first national bank of the United States as a way to manage money across state borders

Why did southerners object to hamiltons plan to pay off Americas war debt?

The purpose of having the Government assume the debts of the States was to show the citizens and the world, that the US Government was going to be economically sound and because the states had fought for every state's independence from Britain, not just their individual state. Southern States opposed the plan because by the time of Washington's inauguration, the Southern States had already paid off their debts.

How did hamiltons plan for a national bank states rights?

Hamilton suggested limiting it to a 20 year charter; then it would be up to Congress to decide whether to extend charter He also asked states to open their own banks so the national bank wouldn't have monopoly.

What was wealth bases on in the southern states?

Tobacco, cotton and other products were grown for trade in the southern US. Cotton was also sent to the northern manufacturing plants.

Why did the southern states object to helping the country pay off its war debts?

they nedded to go to the bathroom

What was Alexander hamiltons plan to speed up industrialization in the United states?

increase the population

Which is the best national garden store?

The best places for garden products are probably Garden Ridge and Southern States located in various states.

Why did many Southern states object to helping the country pay off its war debts?

they nedded to go to the bathroom

Alexander hamiltons policy of having federal government pay financial obligations of the states?


How many southern states where there?

there was thirteen southern states?????? there was thirteen southern states??????

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