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The anti-federalists believed that the Federalists' plan posed a threat to state governments and to the rights of individuals.

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Q: Why did the Anti-federalists oppose the Constitution?
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Why did antifederalists oppose Alexander hamiltons's plan?

Why did Antifederalists oppose Alexander Hamilton's plan

The differences between anti-federalists and federalists?

Federalists are people who support the constitution and on ther the other hand antifederalists are people oppose the constitution

Why did antifederalists oppose Alexander Hamiltons plan?

Why did Antifederalists oppose Alexander Hamilton's plan

Why did antifederalists oppose the constitution?

They were afraid that too much power would be vested in a central government. Also, they opposed it because there was no Bill of Rights.

What did the federalists fight for?

the federalists were trying to get the antifederalists with the constitution and the federalists agreed with the constitution and the antifederalists didnt agree with the constitution

Who were the people who were not happy with the Constitution?

The Antifederalists were not happy with the Constitution.

Why did the Antifederalists oppose the Constitution?

The antifederalists opposed the constitution because their leading argument, however, centered on the constitutions lack of protection for individual rights. Gabriel Marrerothe anti federalists didn't want the union to have a strong central government, but wanted more power for the individual states. the constitution was lacking a Bill of Rights, which is why the anti-federalists agreed when that was later added.

What opposed the ratification of the constitution?


How did antifederalists view the constitution?

they were not in favor of it

Why did Antifederalists dislike Constitution Constitution?

the national government would be to strong

Which party is against The US Constitution?


How did The federalist and antifederalists feel about the constitution?