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they felt they had a duty to the king after all he has done for them

and they should follow all the kings orders, even if they did not like his orders

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Q: Why did the colonist have to stay loyal to the king?
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Who was a colonist who wanted to stay under the rule of england?

It wasn't just one colonist, it was several. These colonist were referred to as loyalists because they wanted to stay loyal to the king for various reasons.

What were the American colonist who chose to remain loyal to great Britain?

Loyalists. They were loyal to the king.

What are colonist who remain loyal to the king of England during the american reviloution?


Who was the colonist that remained loyal to the King of England during the American Revolution?


Colonist who remained loyal to the king of England during the revolutionary?

bennedict Arnold

A person loyal to the king during the revolution?

During the American Revolution, a British colonist in America that was still loyal to King George the III was called a loyalist.

Colonist who is remained loyal to the king of England during the American revolution are called what?


What term was used to describe a colonist who favored the british rule?

Loyalist. They were loyal to the king.

What is loyalists or united empire loyalists?

loyalist were colonist that stayed loyal(still served) the king of England(king gorge the III)

What are the five different types of loyalists before 1784?

There was only one type of loyalists. They were the people loyal to the king. A colonist was either for the revolution, neutral, or loyal to the king. There were really no gray areas in it.

What word means colonist who argued that the colonist should not separate from Britain?

I believe that you are searching for the word loyalist. This word was a nickname for colonists who were loyal to King George.

Did all of the colonists want to rebel the king of England?

No, some colonist were called "Loyalists" and were loyal to the King