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Q: Why did the companies control the government of their colonies?
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Who was the owner of the thirteen colonies before 1776?

"Owner" or controlling Government? The official owners were the Companies who paid from the explorations, but, after Columbus founded the Americas, England gained control as the Sovereign Government, and granted "Charters" to shipping companies to Colonize and develop the lands...

When many companies over charge for their product what do the federal government establish?

price control

How and why had the colonies practiced self-government since 1607?

The first colonies in America believed that the people should control the government. They battled England out of America and set up the democratic political system that we have today.

What was the main difference between European colonies and their protectorates in Africa?

The main difference is their governments. The colonies were governed by a foreign power. Protectorates had their own internal government but were under the control of an outside power.

How did the British government tighten control over the colonies.?

The British began taxing the citizens and controlled their trade.

Why were chartered to companies important to British imperialism in India?

They defeated the Mughal Empire and took control of India's government.

Who wanted the upper class to control the new government?

If you are asking about the American government the constitution was written by the elite of the colonies. They were lawyers, plantation owners, business owners, and the wealthy. The 55 men were the aristocracy of the colonies so there was no doubt who was in control from the very start. Washington was very wealthy, a plantation owner, and even distilled whiskey sold in the colonies.

What do you call a settlement ruled by a government in another country?

A settlement that is ruled by a government in another country is called a colony. The original thirteen colonies were under the control of the British government.

When Spain was in control Spanish government began negotiations with to move colonist from the southern colonies from the US into Texas?


In what way did the british government attempt to reassert control over the American colonies in the late 1760?

All of the above were atempted.

What happened After the military took control of the Japanese government Japan?

Answer this question… threatened to capture European colonies throughout Asia.

What caused the British government to take more interest in the American colonies?

There were several factors that all worked together to draw Britain's attention to the American colonies. The first factor was France and Spain's withdraw from the American colonies, leaving Britain as the only control. The thirteen colonies between South Carolina and Main had also grown in trade and economy. The colonies had also developed urban centers and large populations, this meant that the colonies had a strong economy and society independent from the British government which drew Britain's attention.