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Q: Why did the peasants generally oppose the revolutionary government?
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Why did peasants after 1791 often oppose further revolutionary changes?

By 1791 there were no peasants. Therefore they weren't opposed to revolutionay change since they hadn't existed for at least 300 years.

Philippine government during the revolutionary era?

During the Revolutionary Era, Filipinos formed several types of governments to oppose Spain's political power and gain self-governance. They formed the Katipunan, the Biak-an-Bato Republic, the Dictatorial Government, the Revolutionary Government and the First Philippine Republic. After World War II, the United States government gave the Philippines independence.

What caused the peasants to oppose many of these reforms?

Fallout new vegas!

Why did Sadie Beckwith oppose a strong federal government?


Did anarchist oppose all forms of government?

yes, they oppose all forms if government.

Why would anarchists oppose the US government?

they would oppose the US government because they believe in abolishing the government. In other words, they do not want a government.

Do libertarians support same-sex marriage?

Generally, yes. Libertarians, by definition, oppose government interference with people's lives and therefore do not support the government placing arbitrary limitations on families.

Who did the Regulators oppose?

The Government

What caused the peasants to oppose many reforms of the national assembly reforms status of church?

The peasants believed in the church and preferred to follow the guidance of their priests on matters of tradition and spirituality.

Does a communist government oppose war?


Wilson did not oppose?

segregation in government.

What caused the peasants to oppose many of these reforms 1790?

They believed that pope should rule over a church independent of the state