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to limit power of the southern states

to extend civil rights to freedmen

to provide freedmen with political power

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Q: Why did the radical republicans in congress think it was necessary to amend the constitution?
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Was military reconstruction necessary?

It was deemed to be required by the Radical Republicans in Congress.

Who was the most influential Radical Republicans in Congress were?


Which political was leader of the radical republicans in congress?

Thaddeus Stevens

How did radical republicans gain power in congress?

Republicans gained control of Congress in 1866. Radical Republicans had the support of many Northerners who believed stricter measures should be taken against the former Confederate states. After the vicious violence in New Orleans that had killed dozens of Freedman, they supported the Radical Republicans and the Fourteenth Amendment.

Why was president Johnson unable to stop Radical Republicans from putting their reconstruction plan into action?

Radical Republicans in congress had enough votes to override or defeat ,both vetoes, and the bills became law.

What group of republicans agreed with Lincoln's ideas that the seceded states should be restored to the Union swiftly and on the terms of congress not the president?

moderate/radical republicans

What was the argument put forth by the radical Republicans in Congress to justify their control of Reconstruction?

Du the constatution stupid

Which plan was ultimately used for reconstruction after the civil war of 1865 Lincoln's Johnson's or the Radical Republicans?


Why did some southerners drawn to the Republican Party?

Radical Republicans in Congress offered moderate calls for reform.

After the Civil War a major goal of the Radical Republicans in Congress was to?

gain voting right for the newly freed slaves

Who wanted to treat the former Confederate states as conquered provinces who deserved harsh treatment?

the Radical Republicans in Congress

What were the Plans of the radical republican congress civil war?

The plans of the Radical Republicans in Congress during the Civil War was to abolish slavery. They wanted to deal our harsh punishments to slave owners throughout the South for their part in slavery.