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The rebellion started because Mackenzie was mad because the family compact was favoring the rich. He wanted to end that so he had a rebellion against them.

At Montgomery's Tavern.

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Q: Why did the rebellion of 1837 start?
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When did the upper Canada rebellion start?

It started in 1837 and 1838.

When did the rebellion in Upper Canada start?

7th December 1837 - 4th December 1838

Who won the 1837 rebellion?

The British.

What took place in 1837 and 1838 in Canada?

A rebellion

Who was the Rebellion of 1837 with?

Canada, upper and lower after frustrations with political reform.

What is the rebellion that William lyon Mackenzie king made?

William Lyon Mackenzie made the Upper Canada rebellion in 1837

Who was the man who led 1837 rebellion in Upper Canada?

William lyon Mackenzie

Who led the rebellion in upper Canada?

William Lyon Mackenzie (not William Lyon Mackenzie King) led the rebellion of Upper Canada in 1837.

What did atlanta start of as in 1837?

Atlanta started as a railroad center in 1837

What were the long-term results of the rebellion in lower Canada in 1837?

What were the long-term results of the war?

What was British response to the rebellions of 1837?

The British sent troops to squash the rebellion and arrest Patriote leaders.

Random stuff about the rebellion of 1837?

William Lyon Mackenzie's Printer went into a river and he bought a better one.