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The south believed that President Lincoln was an abolitionist. They were afraid that Lincoln would outlaw slavery and seceded in anticipation of slavery being outlawed.

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Q: Why did the south secede after Lincoln was elected?
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Who was elected president in 1860 causing the South to secede?


What event that finally caused South Carolina to secede from the Union was?

Abraham Lincoln the south seceded from the union because he was elected president.

What did South Carolina do after Lincoln was elected in 1860?

As a consequence of Lincoln’s election, a special convention of the South Carolina legislature votes to secede from the Union.

Why did the federalists threaten to secede?

Southern states threatened to secede from the Union if Abraham Lincoln was elected as president.

What did seven southern states decide to do after Lincoln was elected president?


The 1860 presidential candidate whose name did not appear on the ballot in the most southern states was?

Abraham Lincoln. The South said they would secede if Lincoln was elected & they did. The states formed the union, not the other way around. Lincoln was as close to a dictator as the US has ever known. He is not revered or placed upon a pedestal in The South & never will be, nor should he be.

Did South Carolina secede when Lincoln was president?

No. South Carolina seceded on December 20th, 1860, before Lincoln was officially sworn in as President. However, the state did secede as a reaction to Lincoln's election.

What did several Southern states threaten to do if Lincoln was elected president?

Many southern states such as South Carolina had threatened to, and did, secede from the Union even before Lincoln's presidency. With the northerner Lincoln as president and the north-dominated Congress, other states followed suit.

Who was elected as president of the US that prompted some southern states to secede?

some southern states secede because of preisdent abrahim Lincoln

What was Lincoln's initial stance when the south began to secede?

Lincoln's initial stance when the South began to secede was to not fire on Fort Sumter. He was trying to stay out of it and allow the upper south to convince the lower south to not secede.

What prompted south to secede from the union?

The election of Abraham Lincoln

Election of this President pushed the South to secede?

Abraham Lincoln