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The South welcomed Andrew Johnson's reconstruction plan because it neglected the rights of former slaves more or less, and he granted over 1,000 pardons to former Confederate leaders during his time in office.

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Q: Why did the south welcome Johnson's reconstruction plan?
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What was a part of president Andrew johnsons reconstruction plan?

The states in the South had to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment.

What was the main idea of Andrew johnsons reconstruction plan?

Jamehl Wiley

Under President Andrew Johnsons Reconstruction plan, which of the following are true?


Did anyone not agree with Presidents Johnsons 10 percent plan?

Lincoln's plan was the ten percent plan and Johnson's plan was Reconstruction

Who led the south under president Johnsons plan?

either white wealthy planters, federal troops, or black republicans

What did president Johnsons plan for reconstruction require?

wealthy planters and confederate leaders to aplly for pardons- novanet

What was the title of lincolns plan for the south when recovery from the war?

The 10 Percent Plan was the title of Lincoln's plan for the South's recovery from from the war.

What happen under president johnsons plan for reconstruction?

African Americans' rights were limited by black codes. < APEX >

What was the federal government's plan to reform rebuild the south?

The federal governments plan to reform the South was by reconstruction. This was an attempt to rebuild and better the South.

What reconstruction plan was easiest for the south?

lincoln's plan was definitely the most lenient.

How did the black codes help bring about the end of President Johnson's Reconstruction plan?

It help because the black codes freed slaves and president johnsons reconstruction plan wasnt that powerful than black codes.Official Answer

Lincoln's 1863 program for a rapid reconstruction of the south?

"10 percent" Reconstruction plan