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Q: Why do you suppose the departments of Transportation Energy and Veterans Affairs were not created until well after the founding of the federal government?
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How did the Mexican government react to the founding of liberty?

How did the mexican government react to the founding of liberty?

Who made the government?

In the US, our founding fathers.

Were the founding fathers more concerned about overreaching government power or the mass class?

The founding fathers were more concerned about overreaching government power.

Why did our country founding fathers create a government with three branches?

The Founding Fathers wanted to make it difficult for one person, party, or group to get control of the government.

What is the difference between the government when the founding fathers were around and the government now?

i am pretty sure that when the founding fathers were around we had a government that would talk more and work togeher bettter than now!

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the govt founding father created is mahathma gandhi

How did the founding father get the idea about the government?

jogn locke,

When was the veterans administration founded?

Check this link for "A Brief History of the VA": It gives the date of July 21, 1930, for founding of the VA to consolidate all veterans' programs.

What papers did your founding fathers create which you built your government on?

The constitution

What did the founding fathers admire about rome?

Leadership and their form of government.

Why did our founding fathers use a representative government?

They didn't want a king, but to have a government where people decide who is to represent them.

If a founding father were to appear today what would he say about our government?