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Federalism is the distribution of power between a central authority and constituent units, such as the federal government in Washington DC and the states. Article V of the constitution allows for the creation of constitutional amendments via an act of Congress, or by the application of a majority of the states. In this case, both the states and the central authority are able to make necessary changes without the consent of the other.

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Q: Why does Article Five of the US Constitution support the principle of federalism?
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Which article tells who is requires to support and obey the constitution?

Article v

All state and federal officials are under oath to support the constitution?

Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. -George Silebi

Did the federalist paper played an essential role in the ratification of the constitution?

They just showed the support of Alexander Hamilton, James Jay and others towards the constitution and federalism.

Did the federalists papers play an essential role in ratification of the constitution?

They just showed the support of Alexander Hamilton, James Jay and others towards the constitution and federalism.

Do people who support cooperative federalism support stronger national government?

Yes, they do support it. Cooperative federalism and a stronger national government are similar.

What does article 6 of the constitution require of all elected in the U.S?

They must/ shall be bound by oath or by affirmation.

Do you want to support proposed amendment to add section 5.1 to article XIII od the Illinois Constitution?


What is the main purpose of article 6 of the constitution?

Article V of US constitution deals with the procedure of introducing amendments in US constitution. It entails that both houses of US Congress must pass the said amendment with a two third majority after which the amendment is sent to states for ratification.

The inability of the central government to gain the support of the states under the articles of confederation contributed to the inclusion in the new constitution of what article?

The preamble

Dual federalism vs cooperative federalism?

Dual federalism is the theory that the federal government and the state governments operate in separate realms in which each is respectively sovereign. Support for this in practice is made with appeals to the 10th amendment and the states' insistence that the enumerated powers are the sole powers of the national(federal) government. Cooperative federalism, however, emphasizes the overlapping spheres of power and operation across the levels of government. This cooperative principle is seen in the implementation of federal policy with federal funds, by the states who have sanctioned such policies.

What amendment says the president promises to preserve protect and defend the constitution?

It is not in the amendments, it is in the main body of the constitution, Article 6 states, at least in part: "...and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution."

Why did William livingston support federalism?

because he secretly liked a black girl