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Q: Why does Hester go to the Governor's house?
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Who does Hester and pearl run into on their way to the governors house in chapter 7?

Hester and Pearl run into Rev. Dimmesdale on their way to the governor's house in chapter 7 of "The Scarlet Letter." Dimmesdale stops to converse with them briefly before they continue on their way.

What nicknames does Dave Hester go by?

Dave Hester goes by Dangerous Dave.

Where do hester and arthur decide to go How are they planning to get there?

Hester and Arthur decided to leave to go the wilderness using horses.

What nicknames does Sarah Hester go by?

Sarah Hester goes by Sarah Soda Pop.

What nicknames does Jessica Hester Hsuan go by?

Jessica Hester Hsuan goes by Big Mouth.

Where have Hester and Pearl been before they arrive at the scaffold on their way home?

Hester and Pearl had been visiting Governor Bellingham's house, where they were discussing Pearl being taken away from Hester. On their way home, they stop at the scaffold where Hester was punished.

What high school did devin Hester go to?


When did devin Hester go to the nfl?

in the 2006 draft

Who must approve the governors appointments?

the senate ~myla vance-In the United States,the congress is a bi-cameral legislature composed of the House of Senates which approves the presidential appointments and the House of Representatives which approves the governors appointments

What college did devin Hester go to?

He went to Miami,Fl

What does Hawthorne say he found in the custom house in The Scarlet Letter?

Hawthorne says that he found the script of Hester's life in the Custom House attic.

Where does the apostrophe go in the plural form of governor?

The plural of governor is governors (no apostrophe necessary). The plural possessive form of governor is governors'.