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For Fun thats why...

No Just kidding..

because she/he has broken some school rules and I hope this isn't his/her first time.. she/he has probably been warned what would happend if this were to happen again,.

if she's a Girl then here are my thoughts and comments of what how it should happen and what she should experience when getting paddled,.

first empty back pockets if pants have them.. no need if she has a skirt on.

Very Importent there are only three safe possitions she should assume.. if any other she should totally refuse to assume them and take only one of the three possitions his or her self.. refuse any other.. because it isn't safe because of falling or stumbling over,.


1. Bent over a desk arms downwards Palms of hands on top of desk,.

2. Bend over a chair Palms of hands flat on seat.. or grab the back of the top of a Chair Buttocks a little outwards.

3. Up against a wall arms out palms of hands flat on wall.. buttocks a little outwards,.

now as to the how the paddling should go like for a girls type of paddling,.

The Schools I went to that did Paddle the Girls.. Didn't paddle them too hard like they did the Boys,. My thoughts are this. Any school thats Paddling Girls Hard.. isn't too cool with me.. the person doing so I consider them either to be not very Intelligent or to be Ungentlemanly or Un-Lady like in doing so..

The force used on the Girls was just below there pain and tolerance levels.. With out inducing trauma or crying from it,. it sings and tingles bit,.

if it goes down like this.. if the Tears come.. it will be more form release emotional then from the pain,.

I had a male principle test this out on some boys that had already Experienced prior Hard Paddlings,. to make a comparison's of both , since they were going to be Paddled anyways.. for something where no one was hurt nothing damaged just norm, boy mis-fit trouble,.

Both said it stung and tingled allot. but it didn't feel like fire and burning like it normally had,.

Then I told them I ask him "principle " to give them both a girls type paddling or same force used on the girls instead ,. should have seen the looks on those two boys faces.. but they were just relived not to feel and experience the normal fiery/burning paddling that time,.

so the answer is Yes Girls can and should be paddled but the force being used on them needs to be moderated mild to moderate

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Q: Why does Stacey get paddled at school?
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